Steve Nash’s Ex-Wife Emails Leaked Scheming for More Child Support

Steve Nash and Alejandra Amarilla

I believe men should pay child support, but I think it should be reasonable and women shouldn’t plot to get more than they deserve.

Steve Nash’s Ex-Wife Alejandra Amarilla said she wanted to move to LA so the kids could be closer to their father, but this leaked email said she had bigger plans in mind.

Steve’s lawyer hammered Alejandra in open court — saying, “You saw the trade [from the Phoenix Suns to the Lakers] as a way to obtain a higher child support amount regardless of what was best for the kids, didn’t you?”

Alejandra denied the allegation — shooting back with a simple, “No.”

Then, Nash’s attorney produced an email that Alejandra supposedly sent to a 3rd party — in which it appears Alejandra discusses a plot to trap Nash into paying child support.

The email reads — “My position is we are moving to California because [our children’s] father is there. I believe the school is a great fit for them. I can’t buy a home unless we get child support. Plan is to move to CA. Wait 6 months then get court involved in child support.”

In their divorce settlement, Nash had to pay Alejandra $5 million, but I guess that’s not enough to live off of these days.

5 thoughts on “Steve Nash’s Ex-Wife Emails Leaked Scheming for More Child Support

  • You forgot to mention that she was awarded NO CHILD SUPPORT. Not a cent. 3 kids NO CHILD SUPPORT an 18month old a 5 and 6 year old The judge gave her No Child Support I think this an important fact u left out

    • I guess you didn’t read that she received 5 million dollars.

      • Read it very clearly but the story said she schemed to increase her child support. Facts play important role she received no child support so there is nothing to increase. Reading and fact checking is the law in Journalism 101

        • 5 Million Dollars is plenty of money. This lady needs to get a job.

  • Okay so I’m not saying that Mr. Nash should have to pay some crazy amount of child support but really all he is paying now is the children’s school and their healthcare through his employer. I know she got $5 mill originally. But come on support your kids Nash.

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