Three Morehouse Basketball Players Accused of Raping Spelman Student


Morehouse Rape

It is always innocent until proven guilty, but let me say this for young men out there. Regardless of your intentions or what you think is going on, if a woman seems incapacitated because of alcohol or drugs, just walk away.

I don’t care what she says or how willing she appears to be, just walk away. I don’t care what your boys are doing or saying, just walk away.

Because if she wakes up and doesn’t remember anything, it is going to be her word against yours.

Basketball players Malcolm Frank, a junior from Decatur, and Chukwudi Ndudikwa, a senior from Atlanta, are charged with rape. Tevin Mgbo, another basketball player, is charged with kidnapping and reckless conduct, according to Fulton County Courthouse records.

An 18-year-old Spelman student told police she was sexually assaulted while under the influence of an unknown substance. She told police it happened on campus at the east suites.

A Morehouse Football player was also charged for rape in April. If these guys are guilty, throw them under the jail, because they are animals. If these women are lying, they need to be arrested to, no worst crime to having hanging over your head than rape.

Everyone need to be careful, both women and men, so these situations can be avoided.


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