Thunder Players Visit Tornado Victims at Children’s Hospital (Video)

Thunder players

The people of Oklahoma are still reeling and recovering in the aftermath of the attack of a devastating tornado that left many people homeless, injured, and dead.

In an effort to shed some light on the lives of those who have been overwhelmed by the darkness caused by the tragic event, the Oklahoma City Thunder players are doing whatever they can to support the people, who have supported them ever since they relocated there.

On Tuesday we reported that Kevin Durant donated $1 million to Red Cross for tornado relief, and according to a story via Dan Devine of Yahoo! Sports, a visibly crippled Russell Westbrook and a few of his teammates made an appearance at the Children’s Hospital at the OU Medical Center.

Westbrook, seemed to make a connection with 3-year-old Grayson Ketchie, who sustained a few injuries during the tornado, and the sight brought warmth to the toddler’s mother’s heart.

“He played with Grayson so wonderfully,” [mother Janna] Ketchie said. “It’s so awesome. They’re great guys… It’s amazing to see that he’s a professional basketball player who we know from nobody and he’s blowing bubbles with my son to make my son feel better. It’s amazing.” […]

The Thunder point guard said it was tough to see the children suffering but he enjoyed making them even if it was for only a while.

“It’s tough to come in here and be with the families when their child is in pain, but it’s also good to see them smile and have a sense of enjoyment after the disaster yesterday,” Westbrook said.

Check the awesome video out here: