Tim Tebow Leads Forbes’ 2013 List of Influential Athletes in America

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The most obvious question here is, if Tim Tebow is so influential, why can’t he get a job in the NFL?

According to Forbes, the former New York Jets backup quarterback and current free agent, topped the popular magazine’s annual list of America’s Most Influential Athletes.

Tebow’s 29% “influential” rating beat out Michael Phelps (25%), Usain Bolt (23%) who I had no idea was American, and Derek Jeter (22%), to round out the top four athletes on the list.

“For a backup quarterback to be talked about so much is incredible,” says Stephen Master, senior vice president of Sports for Nielsen, which conducted the surveys over the past several months in partnership with E-Poll, a market research firm in Encino, Calif. “But it is the biggest market.”

Other athletes to make the list were Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Gabby Douglas, Aaron Rodgers, and Lebron James.

Tebowmania’s ambush on North American culture was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Tebow has been a backup quarterback for the majority of his NFL career, and yet he’s the most popular player in the league, which is mind numbing when you think about it.

Maybe NFL general managers will give him job now that they what kind of power he has.

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