Titus Young Declined NFL’s Offer For Counseling Last Year


Former Lions and NFL wide receiver Titus Young is in a California jail after a recent string of arrests, with his family just wishing someone could give him some help.

Well according to the NFL, and specifically NFL director of player engagement Troy Vincent, Titus Young turned down the leagues offer for help almost 18 months ago.

Yahoo Sports is reporting that someone from Young’s camp reached out to the NFL, and Vincent and his office tried “multiple times” to offer counseling.

“We were told he was not interested in support. We went to people very close to his center of influence, to reach out to see how we can support him. The response was of someone who is not open arms to being supported.”

“We can reach out, which we have done,” Vincent said. “We look to assist and support – to get him on track. We’ve reached out. We have been reaching out prior to his last incident. We’ve been working hard for quite some time in this situation. Everything is available to him.”

“We will be on call to support. That’s all we can do. We are here. We are on call. Our support team is here for you. Unless he engages back, all we can do is sit and be on call. “

Titus Young will now have to find that help on his own.

One thought on “Titus Young Declined NFL’s Offer For Counseling Last Year

  • Whenever, I see an article on Titus. I always say “someone needs to get him some help”. Thank you BSO I have come to the realization that not every crazy person wants help. When someone offers you consoling and you don’t take it. That speaks volumes to me. So, with no further a due “someone please lock this crazy MOFO up”. He on the picture looking like he eats his own fesses for breakfast.

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