Tom Brady: I’m More Confident Than Ever Throwing The Football


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be 36 years old in a few months, and set to begin the expected decline of his skill level.

Brady though, doesn’t expect that to happen, and as he told Peter King of Sports Illustrated recently, Brady is more confident than ever in his ability to throw the football.

“Going into my 14th year, I have never had more confidence in how I am throwing the football,” Brady said. “I’ve never felt better throwing the football.”

Brady’s former quarterback coach and mentor, Tom Martinez, died last year, so Tom sought out help from former major league pitcher Tom House to tighten up his fundamentals.

“I owe so much to Tom Martinez,” Brady said. “He taught me so much about how to play the game and throw the football. He was so committed to me for so many years. I miss him every time I step on the field. I found Tom House, and really developed a rapport with him quickly. I’ve learned, and to me, the learning process is fun. The same way Tom Martinez was always there to watch and give me corrections, Tom House has told me why certain corrections need to be made.”


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