Tony Allen With an Oscar Worthy Flop (Video)

Tony Allen Flop

Some will say this is karma because Manu flops all the time, but two wrongs don’t make a right. This shouldn’t have been a flagrant foul and Allen should be fined for flopping.

He’s head never hit the ground, but he acts like he was hit by a bat.

Actually, I am taking away his Oscar because it was over acting, like Al Pacino in any movie he has ever been in.

One thought on “Tony Allen With an Oscar Worthy Flop (Video)

  • Robert, you couldn’t be more right about the FLOP! Allen deserves a red card (with one game suspension). By the way, I don’t have a problem with a flagrant foul being called on Ginobili. But we have a serious disagreement over Al Pacino. I thought he finally did a good job of acting in “Silver Linings Playbook”. :<0

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