Tony Parker Says He Wasn’t Denied Service At Memphis Restaurant


On Saturday we reported on a story that picked up steam in regards to a report that suggest Spurs point guard Tony Parker was denied service at the Memphis Restaurant Iris. 

Parker is now speaking about the alleged situation, and Iris head chef and owner Kelly English must have lied, because according to Spurs Nation, Parker says “he was never denied service, nor did he even leave his room.”

“I was in my hotel room eating room service with my girlfriend,” Parker said on Sunday. “She’s my witness. I don’t know what is going on with that, man. I did not do that. Can you stop doing promos? That is a new way of doing promotion now, using my name?

“It’s definitely false. I don’t know why you (media) keep fueling that. I guess he’s going to have a lot of people now going to his restaurant because you guys keep talking about it.”

English himself is now backpedaling on his initial comments and Tweet, and told the Memphis Commercial Appeal and says that Parker didn’t show up, the hotel that Parker and the team was staying at called the restaurant and was told there were not tables.