UFC’s Pat Healy loses $130k in Bonuses For Failed Marijuana Test



The UFC has taken a hard stance on drug testing and specifically marijuana. Several high profile fighters have been handed suspensions the past year due to testing positive post fight. The latest fighter to be hit with a penalty is Pat Healy and he is paying a heavy price for what is speculated to be one night out with old friends.

Healy was given a 6 month suspension for the failed test and must surrender his $65,000 Submission of the Night Bonus, a $65,000 Fight of the Night Bonus, as well as a possible $30,000 victory bonus.

MMA-Manifesto.com list of 2012 UFC salaries really puts these losses in perspective.

In 2012 15% of UFC fighters made $10,000 or less and 52% of UFC fighters made less than $45,000.

Only 24%, roughly 92 fighters, made over $100,000.

His earnings from this one fight would have placed him among these names on last years list:

40 Frank Mir  $     200,000
41 Lyoto Machida  $     200,000
42 Quinton Jackson*  $     200,000
43 Pat Barry*  $     195,000
44 Ryan Bader*  $     191,000
45 Jon Fitch*  $     190,000
46 Nick Diaz  $     185,500
47 Brad Pickett*  $     185,000

Those are some of the most notable UFC names and Healy would’ve been in their realm of yearly earnings. MMA is still in it’s sports infancy and these types of paydays don’t come along often. Healy is now left with 6 months of training and motivation for his next fight.

Pat Healy will likely end up getting his $15,000 of guaranteed money and nothing more than that. Some athletes have to learn that a few fun nights aren’t worth jeopardising their careers.