Update: Still Unclear who Cost LeBron Unanimous MVP Vote


LeBron James joined an exclusive group of players today by winning his 4th MVP trophy and this one isn’t void of a bit of controversy. Any right-minded NBA fan or analyst could see that LeBron dominated the league this season, but there happened to be one voter who didn’t recognize the obvious.

Around 6 PM EST ESPN’s Dan Le Batard was said to be the one voter to have given Carmelo Anthony a first place MVP vote and twitter exploded with speculation. Le Batard used his radio show’s twitter page to retweet some  of the most outlandish comments by trolls; an obvious attempt at laughing off the situation. One thing he didn’t confirm or deny though was who he voted for as his MVP. It seems as an obvious attempt at trolling twitter tough guys and it’s hard for me to believe that he would not vote for his home town player, but the fact remains that someone didn’t vote for LeBron.

Dan’s radio show broadcast daily in Miami and many believe that he could’ve voted for Carmelo Anthony as a media ploy designed to gain listeners. If that is the case, then Mr. Le Batard or the actual rouge voter, mission accomplished. Le Batard is currently trending nationally on twitter and both his radio show and ESPN show, DLHQ, will be must see television tomorrow.

If I was Dan I wouldn’t worry about listeners or twitter followers. I’d watch out for his father, Papi, who is the biggest Miami Heat fan.  No way Papi lets him live this down, whether it proves to be true or false, and his response to his son is why I’ll be tuning in tomorrow.

Update: ESPN’s Rob Leary is now pegged as the voter that decided to vote for Carmelo Anthony over LBJ for MVP. Leary will now be the beneficiary of tomorrow’s LBJ headlines. I wish the best of luck to him and his twitter mentions.

Update #2: Apparently, we have fallen into a vortex of twitter hoaxes. For one, LeBatard doesnt even have an MVP vote. Secondly, Rob Leary is a Miami Twitter fabrication that was cited in a fake story about Tebow signing with the Dolphins. In fact, Leary is the Miami Marlins bench coach. We apologize for the confusion. If anybody knows who REALLY cast the vote, feel free to let us know. 

2 thoughts on “Update: Still Unclear who Cost LeBron Unanimous MVP Vote

  • Why would we let you know who that “damned”man is.He will be crucified and his carreer will end the moment he say “i am the one”.

  • Some reporter on the Boston Globe voted for Melo. He was on Mike and Mike this morning to explain himself. His points actually make sense, but everyone on the show (and probably in the country) respectfully disagrees.

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