USC Head Coach Lane Kiffin has Considered Coaching at Smaller School

Lane Kiffin



USC head coach Lane Kiffin has found his job security questioned on numerous account heading into this upcoming college football season. If you remember, Kiffin’s Trojans were ranked #1 in the preseason this past year and was thought to be a favorite for a national title. We know how things turned out though, as the Trojans finished the season outside the top 25 and lost in the Sun Bowl to Georgia Tech.

So while talking with Ralph Russo of the Associated Press, Kiffin talked about the possibility of taking a much lower profile job in his future.

“I did think the other day what it would be like to be a high school head coach or to be at a small school,” Kiffin said in the AP story. “I thought about it the other day. The first time. I wonder if there’s something to that peace of mind. Maybe it’s something I can go back and do when I get older. I’m going to go coach high school.”

“It’s just the game,” Kiffin says. “It’s the game in its realest sense and it’s fun. Working with the kids and not all this other stuff. You go back and have fun.”

Interesting to hear Kiffin talk about other jobs while he still currently has one. As we found out when he left Tennessee after one season, he will not hesitate to leave a school whenever he feels like it.