Vince Young Won’t Go to CFL; Raiders No Longer Interested


One of the problems for unemployed veterans is the NFL Draft. Younger and cheaper players come in and make unemployed high profile vets less attractive.

It isn’t just Vince Young, but think of players like Dwight Freeney or Charles Woodson, who are still having a problem having finding a job.

VY thought the Raiders were interested, but that was before they drafted a quarterback late in the draft, now according to Pro Football Talk his options are limited.

The Raiders are no longer a potential suitor for free-agent quarterback Vince Young, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday.

Rapoport also reported that Young is “not interested” in the Canadian Football League. The Montreal Alouettes hold Young’s rights, but general manager Jim Popp has told multiple media outlets that Young, were he to join the club, would back up current starter Anthony Calvillo.

At some point when you are JaMarcus Russell, Vince Young or even Tim Tebow, you might have to humble yourself if you want to play ball and go backup the greatness that is Anthony Calvillo in the CFL.

It might not sound attractive, but it might be the only option they have.