Warren Moon Says Tim Tebow Can’t Play QB In CFL


I get the feeling that Warren Moon has never been a fan of Tim Tebow as a quarterback, and judging from his most recent comments, I doubt he’ll become a fan anytime sooner.

Moon while doing a radio interview on Wednesday said that the Canadian Football League is not a viable option for Tebow to prove he can play quarterback, because Tebow simply doesn’t throw the ball well enough to play in the league according to Thacover2.

“You have to be able to throw the ball up there, if anything. They throw the ball a lot. It’s only three downs, so the passing game is much more important up there, and there’s a lot more field to cover,” Moon said in an interview with KILT-AM in Houston.

“If you can’t throw the football, it doesn’t matter where you play quarterback,” he said. “You have to be able to throw it. That’s his biggest problem, just being able to complete passes, be an accurate passer. I think he’s a really good athlete playing the position, but I don’t think that’s enough sometimes.”

Tebow cleared waivers without being picked up by anyone.  The CFL has been mentioned several times as an option for Tim, but Moon feels Tebow is just the not the thrower he and Doug Flutie were.

We were very good passers. We didn’t have to go up there to change our throwing motion. we didn’t have to go up there to try and become more accurate,” Moon said. “We just needed to get to the opportunity. Doug’s was because of his height; mine was because of my color. So we went up there and proved ourselves.”

Moon played six seasons in the CFL after going undrafted out of Washington in 1978, leading his Edmonton Eskimos to five consecutive Grey Cup titles, throwing for 21,228 yards with 144 touchdowns and 77 interceptions. In 17 NFL seasons, he threw for 49,325 yards, 291 touchdowns and 233 interceptions. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006.

2 thoughts on “Warren Moon Says Tim Tebow Can’t Play QB In CFL

  • Warren Moon was my favorite player growing up. Always and still do want to get me a Warren Moon Oilers Jersey. My point is, I always believed in Warren Moon, just as I believe in Tebow.

    Yeah, he had some throwing issues, but they were never as bad as just about everyone says, lol. They were exacerbated by lack of an offseason after year one, being a rookie with the only real veteran wide reciever having recently been let go, a strike, a trade and playing on a team with a defensive minded coach and an OC who only had 2 plays in his “Wildcat” package. He made 8 throws with 6 (should have been 7) receptions. I had to listen to everyone go on and on about how bringing him in for 1 play, through of Sanchezs rhythm. On the other hand, why was Tebow expected to stay IN rhythm when he only got 4 or 5 plays a GAME?

    Im not saying Tebow will ever be in the hall of fame. heck I’m not even saying he will ever be a consistant starter. What I AM saying is there is not another player out there who has tried to play under more pressure and critisism, under worse circumstances and who is so roundly panned by so many. Honestly. I wish he could go someplace like New England, sit behind a QB like Brady, so there would be very little shouting to bring him in for whatever reason. Where he could just sit and learn like most college QB’s should for thier first few years.

    Let the media back the heck off of him and for players like WM to maybe meet him and offer constructive critisism, instead of saying he cant do something.

    • I agree.

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