Where Does Your NBA Team Rank on Forbes Most Value List?



The Maloof family has reached an agreement to sell the Kings for a reported $535 Million dollars. That’s after they were forced to turn down a $625 Million dollar offer from a Seattle investment group. Both offers were higher than the $525 million dollars Forbes had the team valued as in their NBA value list.

The Kings came in 11th on Forbes list and the top 10 features many of the expected large market teams and constant contenders.

Here is the Full List:

Rank Team Current Value ($mil)
1 New York Knicks 1,100
2 Los Angeles Lakers 1,000
3 Chicago Bulls 800
4 Boston Celtics 730
5 Dallas Mavericks 685
6 Miami Heat 625
7 Houston Rockets 568
8 Golden State Warriors 555
9 Brooklyn Nets 530
10 San Antonio Spurs 527
11 Sacramento Kings 525
12 Oklahoma City Thunder 475
13 Phoenix Suns 474
14 Orlando Magic 470
15 Portland Trail Blazers 457
16 Cleveland Cavaliers 434
17 Utah Jazz 432
18 Los Angeles Clippers 430
19 Denver Nuggets 427
20 Philadelphia 76ers 418
21 Toronto Raptors 405
22 Detroit Pistons 400
23 Washington Wizards 397
24 Indiana Pacers 383
25 Memphis Grizzlies 377
26 Minnesota T’wolves 364
27 New Orleans Hornets 340
28 Atlanta Hawks 316
29 Charlotte Bobcats 315
30 Milwaukee Bucks 312

The list shows that winning doesn’t always equate to big money. The Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, and Sacramento Kings all missed the playoffs this season but rank in the top 15. In juxtapostion 2 of the final 5 teams still playing are ranked 24 & 25 respectively, Indiana and Minnesota.

This list shows that the well run franchises in the NBA will always make money no matter their win/loss record or geography. Look no further than the Lakers being valued at 1 billion dollars and the Clippers $600 million dollars behind them at $430 million dollars. The rich just get richer.

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