Wizards Bradley Beal Says Derrick Rose Was “Scared” to Play


Bradley Beal is so young he probably hasn’t figured out how to be politically correct with the media yet, but if you read his quote hard to disagree with anything he said.

Beal was asked if he would lose respect for a teammate who didn’t play after they were medically cleared and his answer was very honest.

“A little bit. Yeah, I would,” he told the Washington Post. “The type of player he is, and the mentality and competitiveness that he has, I think he would have gave it a go. I don’t know what was holding him back. I think he’s scared it’s probably going to happen again and he won’t be the same. But you’re never the same after an injury. But you just have to fight through it and do something else to be able to impact the game. I’m not sure what it is he has to do. I really can’t speak for him. …”

“If you’re practicing for two months and everybody in practice is saying you’re practicing well, I figure you gotta give it a shot in a game.

“If he doesn’t feel he’s mentally confident to be able to go out there and help the team, I guess I can’t really blame him for it.”

I am confident that is how most of Rose’s teammates feel, but would never say it in public.  I don’t know if I would use the term “scared”, but there was a mental block and fear had something to do with it.

Who knew it would be Bradley Beal of all people, that would express the sentiments of a lot of fans so eloquently.

One thought on “Wizards Bradley Beal Says Derrick Rose Was “Scared” to Play

  • Hey there Mr. Irrelevent…why not just shut your damned mouth about other people if you got nothing positive to say.
    Your play isn’t good enough to get your name mentioned in ANY media outlet so you gotta go out and judge someone who you know nothing about?!?! You can’t hold Rose’s jockstrap so when you are relevent on the court…THAN open your big mouth…not until then punk.

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