Aaron Hernandez & Mysterious Gun-Toting “Heavy-Set Black Man” Involved in Club Incident

Hate Me Now Aaron Hernandez

The question begs how did all these incidents go unnoticed?

In the last day we have found out that Hernandez might have shot his friend in the eye, he possibly could have been involved in a shooting while at Florida and now this incident at the club.

That isn’t even counting the murder investigation that is going on. Here is the latest.

Hernandez was recently involved in a Providence, R.I. night-club incident during which a man ditched a gun, according to a police report obtained by USA TODAY Sports.

According to the report of the incident, dated May 18, Hernandez was being harassed for several blocks by the subject, who yelled out, “(Expletive) the Patriots. I’m a Jets fan.”

Police say they then spotted a “heavy-set black male” discard a firearm under a vehicle. The man fled, but police say they seized the weapon, a .22-caliber Jimenez with no round in the chamber and several cartridges in the magazine. The report does not indicate whether the man was with Hernandez at the club.

Something is not adding up about that story, but Hernandez just seems to be involved in a lot of violent situations.  Stay tuned for more details.