Aaron Rodgers Rips Magic Johnson, Compares Him To Jon Gruden


Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers may not be a fan of Magic Johnson on ESPN’s NBA Countdown crew.

Magic may have had the perfection combination of speed and size on the court, but his analyst kids are lacking in several departments.

Rodgers took to Twitter Friday  to give his opinion on Magic’s post game analysis of the Heat’s championship clinching victory.

Rodgers’ ripped Magic and ESPN analyst Jon Gruden for their amazing ability to heap enormous praise upon certain star players.

Rodgers is a top five quarterback who’s cashed out, and has some recent ring protection that allows him to said whatever he pleases.

Plus we know a lot of people agree with him.

3 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers Rips Magic Johnson, Compares Him To Jon Gruden

  • We are entitled to our opinions. Aaron Rodger, in my opinion is not saying anything derogatory He is only saying magic gives everyone too much credit. However, In my opinion Rodgers get too much credit on the field. I love the NFL just as everyone else, but i really believe that these white QB’s are getting money they don’t deserve because they know it won’t be long before RBG and Kipernick start demanding more money. I respect Aaron but tom Brady won 5 to his 1.The patriots didn’t give tom 100mil.Aarron doesn’t deserve it, flaco, and damn sure Romo doesn’t. “Just my opinion”. I would give that 100 to eli manning and Brady. The won more super bowls then all the top paid losers.

    • Brady has 5 what? He only has 3 superbowl wins 2 losses.

  • Magic owns on aaron

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