Adam Pacman Jones Arrested for Slapping Woman Who Threw Beer Bottle at Him


It has been a long time since Pacman Jones has been in trouble with the law. We can reset the clock on that. The interesting thing is Pacman himself broke the news that he has been arrested.

Details are still shaky, Pacman’s lawyer says his clients rights were violated and Pacman says he was protecting himself.  Here is what we know so far according to PFT.

Peter Schaffer, tells PFT by phone that Jones was at a bar after a Reds game. Jones was approached by two women that he deemed to be intoxicated, and they wanted to take a picture with him. Jones declined.

After he declined, one of them threw a beer bottle at him, striking his head from point blank range. So he turned and slapped her and said, “What are your doing? Stop it!”

My question is why hasn’t the woman who struck Jones with the bottle been arrested as well, while the details are being sorted out.  Seems to be a little biased investigating going on.

Men just have to walk away even if we are being assaulted.