Adrian Broner Post Fight Interview, “I Left With His Belt & His Girl” (Video)

Adrian Broner’s post fight interview shows the best of what he has to offer as a promoter of his brand and boxing as a whole. The guy is fearless, funny, and at most times disrespectful.


Paulie Malignaggi was extremely humble after the fight and before the decision he went to congratulate the Broner corner for an amazing bout. That gesture didn’t earn him much because Broner didn’t hold back in his post fight interview.

Watch the Magic happen below…Wait first Let me brush my hair.

Now you can enjoy the post fight video of Adrian “The Problem” Broner.


6 thoughts on “Adrian Broner Post Fight Interview, “I Left With His Belt & His Girl” (Video)

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  • Broner is an embarrassment and a disgrace to boxing. I hope he loses his next match!

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