Adrian Peterson’s Brother Busted For Drugs In Home AP Pays For


Ashton Steveson Adrian Peterson's Brother

Ashton Stevenson, the brother of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was arrested and being investigated on the suspicion of drug dealing.

A detective posing as a FedEx driver delivered a package containing marijuana to Stevenson’s Eden Prairie, Minnesota apartment. The police later returned with a search warrant and arrested Peterson’s brother after finding a small amount of marijuana on a scale. The delivered package of marijuana was not addressed to Stevenson and when the police returned to search his home it was unopened so he has avoided drug charges, but is still under investigation.

This is not Stevenson’s first run in with the law. He was previously arrested on drug charges in Texas. When asked about this arrest he said:

“I don’t know any details yet,” he said of the investigation. “I’m just trying to make calls to figure out what’s going on. “This type of nonsense I don’t need on my background or my brother’s,” Stevenson said.

Although Peterson apparently helps pay his brother’s rent, Stevenson’s actions have nothing to do with him and should not negatively affect his reputation, although he should know better. But hey, look on the bright side at least he’s no Markus Vick…at least not yet.

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