Alex Rodriguez Hires The Same Lawyer That Got Ryan Braun Off


black sports online arod hires braun's former lawyer


In a move that totally doesn’t make Arod look guilty, it’s been reported that he’s hired the same attorney who helped overturn Ryan Braun’s drug suspension.

David Cornwell has joined Arod’s  ‘Justice League’ of high powered lawyers, along with Jay Reisinger. The news was reported anonymously by someone with inside knowledge of the hiring, no public announcement has yet to been authorized.

Cornwell successfully waged a war against MLB with the use of grivences filed by the Player’s Association on behalf of Ryan Braun. Braun got off on a technicality because the collector of the sample didn’t go directly to a Federal Express on a Saturday, and instead stored it in his refrigerator until Monday.

MLB is going all out in their investigation against the Biogenesis Clinic and all those names tied to it. It was reportedly that the whistle blower in all this and formerly accused, Anthony Bosch was scheduled to talk to MLB officials on Friday but no statements on the meeting have authorized.

Things about to get very interesting.

H/T: Yahoo Sports