Allen Iverson Owes $40k In Child Support, Ex-Wife Wants Him Thrown in Jail


The last time A.I. was in court the judge called him a drunken horrible parent and ordered him to pay $8k a month in Child Support for his 5 kids by his Ex-Wife Tawanna Iverson.

Tawanna says he hasn’t made one payment and wants him thrown in jail if he doesn’t pay according to TMZ.

Tawanna, has filed docs with the court saying that Iverson has failed to honor the child support agreement that was handed down back in January. Tawanna claims Iverson has missed every payment he was supposed to make.

The two are set to be in court this week, where Tawanna wants the judge to order Iverson to fork over the $40,000 he owes in support and even suggest the judge lock Iverson up for his actions.

A.I. has said in open court that he doesn’t have enough money to buy a cheeseburger, so we will see if he is able to come up with the $40k to stay out of prison.

2 thoughts on “Allen Iverson Owes $40k In Child Support, Ex-Wife Wants Him Thrown in Jail

  • Throughout his career, he made over $100 million dollars. Now he can’t afford to buy a cheeseburger. What is so painful about this is there will be dozens of future black professional athletes who will make the same mistakes.

  • A fool and his money, will soon part company.

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