Allen Iverson’s Ex-Wife Claims He’s Kidnapped Their Kids


Allen Iverson’s post divorce life just continues to get messier by the day.

TMZ is reporting that Tawanna Iverson believes that her ex-husband has abducted their kids, and she’s begging the court to force Allen to give them back.

Tawanna just filed legal docs, claiming Allen asked for permission to take their five kids, ranging in ages 3 to 16,  on a short vacation to Charlotte, NC from May 22-26.

She says she agreed to the trip,  but on May 26th, the children were not returned to her.  Tawanna says she tried to set up an exchange of the children on June 4th at a neutral location, a nearby Target store, but Allen never showed up.

She believes he has the kids held up in a Sheraton Hotel in Georgia, and never took the kids on their trip.

Tawanna claims she’s very concerned,  because Allen is an alcoholic who drinks in front of their kids.  She now wants the court to force him to return the kids, and she wants Allen thrown in jail.

She recently asked to have him thrown in jail because he owes $40,000 in back child support.

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  • Good Lawd…….Baby Mama Drama

  • He does realize it will make it harder to deny them later?

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