Amanda Bynes Tweets Giants Keith Rivers Has Herpes (Photo)

amanda bynes

I am not sure if Amanda Bynes is just trolling or her Twitter antics are just a cry for help. I am not exactly sure what promoted this, but it has been confirmed that she and Giants linebacker Keith Rivers dated while he was at USC.

Maybe, she didn’t mean to throw him under the bus, but too late for that.

Amanda Bynes Keith Rivers

Keith Rivers

She deleted the Tweet, but nothing is ever deleted on Twitter. No one is safe when Amanda is in the Twitter streets. Keep your vest on.

H/T DCFanaticsBlog

3 thoughts on “Amanda Bynes Tweets Giants Keith Rivers Has Herpes (Photo)

  • What a dumb bytch…he’s ugly but she dated him…guess that says a lot about her……guess cause he was an NFL player she was down to give up the p*zzy..even though he’s “ugly”

    • And by Amanda revealing that Rivers has herpes she has also revealed that she likely now has herpes.

      Amanda is obviously not too bright (and I believe she’s on drugs) because she recently went on a Twitter rampage and was calling everyone ugly for no apparent reason.

  • Rob, why are you checking this dumb b*tch Amanda Bynes’ Twitter account to write a story on? Really? Cmon man, there has got to be better resources for your stories.

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