Anderson Silva Still Wants to Fight Roy Jones Jr.


black sports online anderson silva wants fight jon jones

I am pretty sure most UFC fans would prefer Silva fight the other Jones, but this is something Silva has talked about for a long time and still thinks it can happen.

“I think everyone’s got something they’re focused on and that’s my own desire, something I’d like to do,” Silva said through a translator. “Maybe one day when I’m done my UFC career I will box Roy Jones.”

Silva said he’d be interested in taking on Jones Jr. twice – once in a bout with MMA rules and another in a boxing ring. He said he knows Jones Jr. and calls him “a great champion.”

Believe it or not, Roy Jones at the age of 44 still isn’t technically retired.


  1. I have been waiting for this for so long.A lot of people belive that a MMA guy will destroy a boxer.I belive differ and i cant wait till this happens.I respect the MMA;in all honesty it is a great sport but for years they have taken shots at boxers and boxers have begged to get in the ring with MMA fighter.Danny always says NO to a ex champion boxer.I prey he lets this happen.I belive that with one hit from a boxer will change the way MMA perceves boxing.Look at the majority of knock outs in MMA they come from strikes(boxing).I prey this happens.

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