Ban on MMA in New York Upheld; UFC 20th Anniversary in MSG Unlikely


The UFC must wait another year before their grand vision for a NYC event in MSG or the Barclays Center because today the bill to pass MMA in New York state was struck down by the assembly.

If MMA fans want to look at the bright side of this they can be happy with the fact that the bill passed Senate for the first time. In the previous three years that the bill has been presented Senate didn’t provide enough votes for it to move to the assembly for signing.

Dana White had this to say about the ongoing battle to legalize MMA in New York:

“We got more votes (in the New York state Senate) than we got last year, and it’s just to the point now where it’s absolutely ridiculous, and I’m over it.”

Currently the only presence the UFC has in NYC is their pre-fight events for their cards in New Jersey. I’m Sure White and the¬†Fertitta’s would love to be able to market their product in the largest media market in the world.

Until then fans can expect the UFC’s 20th Anniversary card to take place in Las Vegas sometime in November.



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  • Fact: More men have been seriously injured boxing than participating in MMA.

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