Bandwagon Spurs Fans Caught Knowing Nothing About The Team (Video)

Spurs Fan

Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News strikes again.

This time with Spurs fans and embarrassing Heat fans earlier in the week.

One thought on “Bandwagon Spurs Fans Caught Knowing Nothing About The Team (Video)

  • the funny thing is, what is the difference between these clowns on the street and say bill simmons, dan patrick, skip bayless, stephen a, mel kipher. have no clue, say some coin phrase that is irrelevant. listen to bill simmons next time, he says 1 stupid comment, everybody will be like what?, then he follows closely changing that comment, then he will say another comment. so here is what happened he says a dumb comment they come help him, he says another dumb comment they correct him, another comment that is ok they get the camera off him, you think it is cool cause the last thing he said was kinda on point but you forgot he is an idiot

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