Bill Belichick On Tebow Questions: We’ve Talked Enough About Him


Bill Belichick is not the most media friendly head coach in the NFL, so I’m sure it was a shock to many when Belichick and Patriots decided to sign media magnet Tim Tebow to a two-year deal.

Tom Brady may not be worried about Tebow on the roster, but it seems as if Belichick is going to grow tired of Tebowmania rather quickly.

Belichick was kind enough to answer his first bout of questions since adding Tebow to his roster. It quickly went down hill from there according to Pro Football Talk.

“Anything we do is what we feel is in the best interest of the team. Tim is a talented player that’s smart and works hard, so we’ll see how it goes,” Belichick said when initially asked about Tebow.

Reporters then asked Belichick again about adding Tebow to the roster.

“I’ve answered that question twice: He’s a talented player who’s smart and works hard,” Belichick repeated.

One of those reporter made the mistake of asking Belichick some more questions about Tebow.  Belichick got fed up in a matter of five minutes, and wanted no more conversation about Tebow.

“We’ve already talked enough about him,” Belichick said. “I think I’ve covered it. Anything else?”

This Tebow experiment will definitely test Belichick’s patients, and his ability to deal with the media.  Just as the Jets did last summer, when you add Tebow to your roster, you add what ever media hysteria follows.