Bill Callahan ‘Excited’ For Chance To Call Cowboys’ Plays

Bill Callahan, Tony Romo

All the fuss about who’ll be the Dallas Cowboys playcaller should be over after Jerry Jones indicated that offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Bill Callahan will direct the offense.

Callahan hasn’t called plays in the NFL in over 10 years, going back to his stint as head coach of the Raiders.  That play caller got the Raiders to the Super Bowl.

Callahan told the Cowboys official website that he’s excited for the chance to call plays for America’s Team.

“Excited would be the word, would be the adjective, that I would use,” Callahan said. “I’m really excited. Anxious now. I wish we could continue working like we’ve been here, because the situation coach [Jason Garrett] has put us in has been tremendous.”

Callahan said that he hopes calling plays for the Cowboys will free up head coach Jason Garrett to focus on other aspects of the game.

“I told Jason, if there’s any opportunity I can help serve you as a coordinator, if I can call plays, if I can take something off your plate … then that’s great,” he said.

Hopefully Garrett won’t spend too much time looking over his shoulders.  The last Garrett went through such an experiment, he was calling plays for Wade Phillips, and turned that into a head coaching job.