Bob Costas Calls Mets Post Game Celebration The End Of Civilization

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Maybe it was just poor timing?

Bob Costas seems to have made headlines more for his somewhat epic rants these days than anything else.

On Sunday while doing US Open coverage on NBC Costas turned things to baseball, when he began to launch into spiel about how the Mets celebration of a sloppily earned victory against the Chicago Cubs was a sign of the ‘decline of Western civilization’.

The game was ugly, no doubt about it. The Mets and Cubs both come in with ugly records, so the game was a comedy of errors from the very start, headlined by a triple error by the Mets in first inning.

Costas’ commentary started off funny enough, but then delved deeper and deeper into the bizarre. The game was eventually won by Kirk Nieuwenhuis in the 9th, Nieuwenhuis is fresh from Triple A and proved to be the unlikely hero of the game. Celebration soon followed and that’s when Costas let it out.

He likened the win to another indication of what’s wrong with today’s society and a decline in civilization. That alone, is pretty much funnier than anything the Mets did.

Does Costas have a good point though–albeit pretty harsh. What does it say when a second to last place team celebrates not being swept by a last place team? Pretty pathetic, no?

Costas takes few things more serious in life than his baseball teams, so I think it’s wise we issue him a pass.

Via Bleacher Report