Boxer Tells Opponent to Take a Swing at him Then he gets KO’d (Video)


Never understood why boxers who have the advantage during a fight, choose to taunt their opponents instead of just finishing them off.

With that being said, I’ve always wanted to see what would happen when a reeling opponent took advantage of the momentary lapse of a fighter who has the upper hand and turns the fight on its head.

Fortunately, for me and everyone who sees this post, that moment arrived on Saturday night, in a light middleweight bout between undefeated fighter Daquan Arnett and Miguel Zuniga in Florida.

During the fifth round of the bout, the Mexican took a step back from dishing out punishment to his undefeated opponent and motioned towards Arnett to take a swing at him and he obliged by dropping him with a left-hook. Zuniga, tried to get up but the folks from his corner threw in the towel before he could make it to his feet. Mark Jackson said it best, “Hand down, man down.”

Check the funny video out here:

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  • Be careful what you ask for.You just might get it.

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