Broner vs Malignaggi Showtime “Time to Perform” Promo Video

Adrien Broner is one of the most hated personas in boxing and it looks as though he is embracing that to the fullest.

Broner shows off his in ring boxing skills, his dedication to training, and of course his rapping skills in this Showtime promo video.

“I don’t just go out and fight. I entertain. I come out, I rap, I dance. Once I hit that squared circle, I put on a show. That’s what I do. This is what boxing is missing. I’m not going to hide nothing. They want to see the real person. So I’m going to give them the real me.” – Broner

What Broner is currently in need of is some humility and it’ll be up to Malignaggi to show Broner that this isn’t just another push over fight. Broner has yet to fight a world class opponent and Malignaggi will be his toughest opponent yet.

Broner recognises the task at hand but his ego once again trumps his brief moment of honesty.

“Fighting Paulie, if you’re not 100% you will lose to Paulie. That’s exactly why he’s in the position he’s in today…”

“If I knock him out, that’s cool. If I don’t, he will get battered. And bruised. He’s another stepping stone to my legacy. He’s going to be the reason why I make it to the Hall of Fame.” – Broner

Broner is scheduled to fight Paulie Malignaggi on June 22nd from the Barclays Center.