Browns Ausar Walcott Charged With Attempted Murder After Strip Club Fight

Ausar Walcott Mughsot

When you are a rookie free agent, it is best not to do anything that would cause a team to reconsider signing you. Attempted murder will probably get you cut and that is the least of Walcott’s troubles right now.

Ausar Walcott, 23, punched the man in the head outside The Palace Gentlemen’s Club on Main Avenue around 3 a.m. Sunday, said Detective Andrew White of the Passaic police.

Walcott was charged with first-degree attempted murder, second-degree aggravated assault and third degree endangering an injured victim, White said. He was arrested Tuesday morning after he turned himself in to police, and his bail was set at $500,000 cash, White said. He was scheduled to be sent to the Passaic County Jail in Paterson on Tuesday evening.

Strip club + 3 a.m. + liquor = Bad news.

The victim’s name is Derrick Jones and he is in critical condition with life threatening issues.  I am sure Walcott will say this was self defense, as more details become available we will update you.


Browns have released Walcott.

2 thoughts on “Browns Ausar Walcott Charged With Attempted Murder After Strip Club Fight

  • ALL DAT (INJURIES along with The Charges…) from ONE F-ing PUNCH Though?!!!? O_O

    Talk about HOW Keeping It Real… Goes WRONG Though SMDH

    • it had to be more than one punch, but this how it went down, u gotta remember the cops would be working with the victims injuries AND witnesses , so it would be stated that prior to the initial fight or punch the perp would have said ‘ ill fucking kill you man ‘ or words to that effect, there may have been some shenanagins after he went down , maybe some dragging , kicking perhaps maybe keeping assistance at be with his manner, to be honest the att murder is just there in case the vic dies and they don’t have to refile charges if he pulls thru great and the murder charge goes away, if he doesn’t live it will be pleaded down to something less , its the system im afraid but it smacks of overkill if u can pardon the pun

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