Bruins Gregory Campbell Finishes Penalty Kill on Broken Leg (Video)

Gregory Campbell

Most people don’t understand how grueling a sport hockey is. I was big hockey fan growing up, but didn’t realize how tough it was until I started ice skating myself.

There was a big ice skating rink close to my dorm when I was at The Ohio State University. My girlfriend at the time convinced me to go. The first thing you realize is that the ice is VERY HARD and secondly it is a struggle to keep your balance.

I got the hang of it eventually and started casually playing hockey with some guys at the rink. It is exhausting. I played Football, Basketball, Baseball and ran track in high school and nothing has ever compare to the physical exhaustion I felt playing hockey, in a very casual setting during those years at OSU. The puck is HARD, so putting your body on the line to block a shot, takes some guts.

I respect the game of hockey, even if they are playing on channels it takes me 15 minutes to find. While the best and brightest of NBA stars are flopping around when they aren’t even touched, Hockey players are doing this.