Beaten Giants Fan, Bryan Stow, Returns Home After Insurance Stops Coverage

Giants Fan Attacked

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over two years since baseball fans and LA denizens alike were shocked by the gruesome news of the beating Giants fan Bryan Stow took while at Dodgers stadium.

Since then security at ballgames has been heightened, and campaigns to quell the animosity between fans has been launched. Sadly for Mr. Stow he lost two years of his life recovering from injuries which almost killed him.

Sadly this is not the picture perfect ending that many had hoped for. Stow was forced to leave the Bakersfield  live-in rehab facility where he was receiving treatment because his insurance stopped covering for his care.

The Stow family released this statement from their website:

The insurance company has ceased payment for [Centre for Neuro Skills], so Bryan has come home. Let us clarify something very important — Bryan could have benefited greatly by staying at CNS longer. We are so glad to have him home, but as prepared as we thought we were, it was a difficult transition. Bryan requires so much assistance and it is impossible for Ann and Dave to do it alone. Bryan requires 24 hour nursing care, but this is not covered by insurance. So we had to hire care givers in order to help Bryan to get up and showered in the morning, and get dressed and in bed in the evening. We are now the ones administrating his medical care, scheduling all his appointments, and preparing all his meals. We are not complaining…we have Bryan home!

At first look and during conversations, Bryan appears to be doing better, cognitively. But to be with him as much as we are, we see what others don’t. The memory problems, the use of words that do not belong, the pain he is in and the stiffness in his body that prevents him from being able to do things on his own. Due to a huge cut in therapy coverage, Bryan has physically experienced a big setback. We do what we can at home, but he needs the 5 days a week that he grew accustomed to. We just don’t know how to get that for him.

Insurance to cover Bryan for the rest of his life is estimated to cost more than $50 million. Last year the Stow family filed suit against the Dodgers, and the two monsters who brutalized Bryan are still awaiting trial.

Stow’s near murder sparked the attention of Barry Bonds who donated to Stow’s children’s college fund. Good news for a story with seemingly no happy ending in sight, but still there’s more to be done to get even half the justice deserved to Bryan.

Below is a touching video of Bryan’s road to recovery.

H/T: Yahoo Sports