BSO Interview: WBA Middleweight Champion Gennady Golovkin

Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, or GGGhas been built up to be the next big thing in boxing. His high volume, power-packed, style enthralls even the most casual boxing fans. His record of 26-0 is highlighted by his 23 knock outs, which includes 12 consecutive KOs.  The fight is Sat., June 29 at 9:45pm ET/PT on HBO.

 Gennady Golovkin HBO

Gennady took time out from his pre-fight schedule to sit down with us here at BSO and share how he is feeling heading into the biggest fight of his career.
BSO: How are you feeling physically heading into this fight?
GGG: Phenomenal, my style is good. Everyday we have sparing and boxing. I’m feeling good, it’s work, it’s my job.
BSO: Have you done anything differently as far as training is concerned for this fight?
GGG: Not really, nothing’s changed. This time I’ve watched 2-3 of his fights and I don’t have to do anything different right now.
BSO: Do you feel that you have the power advantage over Macklin?
GGG: I think so, yes. I think he good power too. I think we both have different styles, he’s strong and has power but I think my boxing is more effective. My style is more just fighting.
BSO: You’ve only been past the 8th round once in your past 14 fights, do you feel you’re conditioned enough to go all 12 if need be? 
GGG: Yeah, but I don’t know. It has a chance to be a good performance but I’m hoping for a knockout; you never know with boxing.
BSO: This is already your 3rd fight in 2013, do you worry about your body becoming fatigued?
GGG: Oh no, I can fight all the time and I like fighting. It’s work for me.
BSO: Would it be possible for you to fight 2 more times before the end of this year? 
GGG: Yeah. You know a lot of people like my style and a lot of people like a good box (boxing match). Right now I’m feeling good and I’m healthy, so I’ll fight. Why not?
BSO: Do you think that you can continue this pace and this style for the rest of your career?
GGG: Um, Well honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m just having a lot of fun now.
BSO: Would you consider moving up in the future to fight Andre Ward? or down to fight Saul Alvarez? 

Right now I want to stay at Middleweight. If that’s Sergio MArtinez or someone else. I wan’t to be the best Middleweight.