BSO Interview: WBC Light Heavyweight Champion Chad Dawson

Chad Dawson Bernard Hopkins

Chad Dawson is still the WBC Light Heavyweight Champion of the world but the last impression many fight fans have of him consist of him being floored by Andre Ward. Dawson is well aware of this doubters and he’s working hard to gain back his stature as one of the top fighters in the world by facing Adonis Stevenson on June 8th.

Dawson sat down with us to discuss his upcoming fight and what went wrong in his last bout with Andre Ward.

BSO: Hi Chad, thanks for taking time out to sit down with us before your big fight.

Dawson: Thank you for having me.

BSO: Boxing fans want to know how you’re  feeling physically heading into this fight against Adonis Stevenson?

Dawson: I’m feeling great, I’m back at my weight. The thing is before going down to 158 to fight Andre (Ward) I never had any problem with weight, I pretty much ate whatever I want. Light Heavyweight is my natural weight, 175 is my natural weight. I just want to get the Andre Ward fight out of my head and continue to be the top Light heavyweight in the world.

BSO: Lets look back at you last fight, do you believe the change in weight class affected your performance?

Dawson: It was definitely because of the weight; people can take it how they want to take it. The weight took a major toll on me. I lost 9 lbs for the weigh in by running and sitting in the sauna; it took a toll on me the night of the fight. It took a toll on me after the second round. After the second round started to not feel too well, not be able to pull the trigger when I wanted. I just wasn’t there.

BSO: How do you feel Adonis matches up with you?

Dawson: I’m looking forward to a good fight. Not that he’s such a great fighter but people are talking about him as a big puncher. Last time  I looked a big puncher hasn’t won four titles. I’ve been in the ring with big punchers and I’m looking forward to going out and showing everyone that I’m one of the best Pound-For-Pound fighters in the world.

BSO: Will you feel the need to stand and brawl w/ Stevenson to win or will you stick to your usual game plan?

Dawson: It’s not about me falling into his game plan it’s all about him falling into my game plan. I’m going to sit there and be the boxer that I am.  For him to be effective he has to be a big puncher but you have to be able to hit the target.

BSO: How do you feel entering this upcoming fight? How was your camp?

Dawson: This is by far my best training camp in years, I got right back in the gym after the Andre Ward fight in November. I’m back with my trainer Eddie Mustafa Muhammad and I feel like I was at my best with him. We’ve always had a great relationship and he knows how to get the best out of me. I want people to look at me and see that I’m on the same level as Floyd Mayweather.

BSO: Do you feel you have an edge either physically or mentally?

Dawson: He’s stepping up to Light Heavyweight, this is his first fight at Light Heavyweight. You don’t step up a division and challenge the best fighter in that division. I feel like I’ll have the height, speed, reach, and strength advantage.

BSO: You’ve been known to be fearless inside & outside of the ring, what made you take this fight in Stevenson’s home country?

Dawson: Look at the fight against Diaconu; I fought him in Canada and they gave me the decision in that fight. I’m not worried about that, I think the Montreal people know my style and like my style. I’m not going in looking for the knockout, even though I think it will come.

BSO: What’s in the future for Chad Dawson? Do you seek a 3rd fight with Hopkins or maybe a catchweight fight with Ward ?

Dawson: As far as Ward it’d have to be at 175. I did everything I was obligated to do in the last fight with him, so it’d have to be at 175. As far as Bernard, he doesn’t want any parts of me and I think everybody knows that. He doesn’t even mention my name after fights. He still thinks he’s the best Light Heavyweight in the world but I still have the win over him. So, Andre Ward at 175 lbs we can do it and Bernard isn’t looking for a fight with me.

BSO: How important is it for you to get back into that top 10 Pound-For-Pound list?

Dawson: It’s very important to me. I feel like I should’ve never been taken off of that P4P list due to the circumstances of the Ward fight. I dropped down to that weight class and I faced the best guy in that weight class, but boxing is what boxing is. I’m looking forward to getting back into that top 10 and I think I’ll do that after this fight.

BSO: Once again thank you Chad and best of luck in your fight this weekend.

Dawson: Thank you.

Fight fans should be enthused by Dawson’s rediscovered confidence and motivation. I’m sure we’ll all be watching to see what he does June 8th against Adonis Stevenson in Montreal.