Caption The Photo: Kids Selling Water To Crowd Gathered At Aaron Hernandez’s House


black sports online caption the photo kids sell water at hernandez house


Call this whatever you want but these kids have the right idea.

The growing crowd in front of the home of Aaron Hernandez in light of investigators showing back up in droves gave these two girls a brilliant idea.

Tasteless or excellent marketing?

Photo courtesy of  @WCVBKimberly


  1. It’s crass and tasteless, but what do you expect from this cesspool of a society? Oh, and note to police – arrest the guy, won’t you? You can always drop the charges later, but stop playing this up for the pub. Enough already…

    • It’s a great idea. If there are going to be reporters in my neighborhood might as well try and get them to pay something for the circus they are creating. What’s so crass and tasteless about it? As for the police, you do realize that if they arrest this guy without cause it jeopardizes the entire case right? Also you realize that sometimes the police use the pub in the hopes that someone out there that may have seen something might contact them with new information.

    • “arrest the guy, won’t you?” You can always drop the charges later”…Now if we lived in a country that operated like that then we truly would be a cesspool.

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