Cardinals Darnell Dockett Unveils New Bane Style Facemask (Photo)


Yesterday the Arizona Cardinals held a Fan Fest for all their loyal fans to enjoy during the teams minicamp practice.

It became the perfect time for defensive tackle Darnell Dockett to unveil his version of the Bane style facemask becoming the norm for some defensive lineman.

The Cardinals sent out a photo of Dockett and his new mask via the teams Twitter feed.

Giants defensive tackle Justin Tuck usually gets credit for starting the craze.


Then Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware jumped into the competition and took it a step further by adding more bars.


Dockett took the Shredder facemask look added a reflective visor, and now has people talking about him as the guy with the most intimidating facemask in football.

All three players stated that the point of the new mask is to prevent offensive players from grabbing a hold of their facemask.