Cart Riding Golfer Casey Martin Compares Himself to Rosa Parks


You may remember Casey Martin as the professional golfer who successfully took the PGA Tour to the Supreme Court in 2001 for the right to ride a golf cart on the course due to a debilitating birth defect in his that makes walking difficult. Well, 13 years after that landmark decision, Martin is the head coach for the University of Oregon Golf Team and is still facing some problems in regards to his cart.

And apparently also overstating his importance in the civil rights movement.

According to USA Today Sports, Martin was with his team at the U.S. Junior Amateur Tournament in Oceanside, California and had cleared his use of a golf cart with tournament officials. After about six holes, officials told him he would not be allowed to ride the cart any longer. Martin let them know who he was and their response was indifference.

He called it “brutal, the worst experience of my golf career” and it is hard to argue with him in that respect, its what he said next that will kill any sympathy and support he gathered for his situation.

“The long story short: I’m living my life, doing my job, and it sucked to have that taken away. I felt like I got on the bus and they ordered me to the back or even to get off.

Martin may not have even been referencing Rosa Parks, but there are some code words and phrases you should avoid. “Ordered to the back of the bus” is one of them, especially if you are a white golfer, for the obvious comparison to the civil rights pioneer.