Celtics Not looking to Trade Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo


With Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce headed out of town and Doc Rivers chilling on the beach in LA, there seems to be a bit of a fire sale going on right now in Boston. With nearly all of the original core of 2008 championship team gone, it’s only natural to ponder whether or not point guard Rajon Rondo is next.

Celtics GM Danny Ainge actually addressed it last night during the first round, via NESN.

“If Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are tradeable, then I guess everybody’s tradeable,” Ainge said. “But there’s guys we’re not looking to move right now. Ainge was asked if Rondo was one of those guys. “Yeah,” he said.

If I may, I’ll give you the translation so we understand better.

What Ainge is saying, is that at this current point in time the market for a point guard coming off an ACL tear isn’t great. A point guard who everyone knows may not exactly be the easiest player to play with/coach. So no, Rondo may not be on the trading block right now. But if he comes back next season and resumes his all-star form? Ainge will be accepting all phone calls.

It’s not a coincidence that GMs are always quick to claim their franchise players in a public format (yes, I’m talking to you Mitch Kupchak). It creates a sense of stability and eases the ego of whichever particular star. The Celtics are in rebuilding mode, so why wouldn’t Ainge make it clear that Rondo is the foundation for the future?

Because he isn’t.

More changes are coming to Boston. A true makeover already commenced. We’ll see if Rondo is still rocking that Celtics green when all the dust finally settles.