Chad Johnson Kicked Out of Court by Judge After Slapping His Lawyer’s Ass

Chad Johnson 1

Oh Chad……..

Johnson was in court to be punished for missing a couple of meetings with his probation officer. Things were going pretty well, it looked like he wasn’t going to get any jail time and then this happened according to TMZ.

During the hearing, the judge and Chad’s lawyer were about finalize the terms of Chad’s punishment — terms that were pretty favorable to Chad.

But the whole thing fell apart at the last minute, when the judge asked Chad if he was satisfied with his attorney — and the ex-NFL star reached back and playfully slapped his lawyer’s ass.

Chad smiled .. the court erupted with laughter …. but the judge wasn’t amused.

The judge kicked Chad out of court and said his deal was off the table. The judge doesn’t seem to like Chad very much, this sounds like an overreaction on her part, but still Chad has to leave the clowning for Twitter, especially when his freedom is at stake.


The judge has sentenced Chad Johnson to 30 Days in Jail.