Chael Sonnen Says he Would Smack LeBron and Ray Lewis in the Face (Video)




It seems like the butt-whooping Chael Sonnen took at the hands of Jon “Bones” Jones in April, didn’t instill any kind of prolonged humility in the UFC fighter.

Sonnen, who is known to go off at the mouth every time a camera is in his face, appeared on a panel on “Jim Rome on Showtime” along with Tom Tolbert and former Baltimore Ravens player Brendon Ayanbadejo.

The discussion centered around LeBron and his ability to overcome the bad publicity he garnered after “The Decision,” but before long the UFC fighter, as he’s known to do, went into agitator mode by calling the Miami Heat forward a dork, then followed that up by saying he would smack both him and Ray Lewis if he saw them.

You would think that the beating Jones gave Sonnen would make him hesitant to threaten big, athletic black athletes but I guess not.

Check the video out here:


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