Charles Barkley: “Skip Bayless The Idiot” (Video)


The irony is that Barkley and Skip are very similar in a lot of ways. They both pretty much say and do whatever they want on-air. They are prone to saying nonsensical things and get paid a lot of money to do so.

The difference is most people like Chuck and people are annoyed by Skip.

With that being said, Barkley says what most people are thinking when they think about Skip Bayless.

If you think this bothers Skip, you will be disappointed, he just likes hearing his name in public, doesn’t matter the context.

3 thoughts on “Charles Barkley: “Skip Bayless The Idiot” (Video)

  • Used to like Stephen A., now he is Screaming A.

    • Once He came back to BSPN He’s never been THE SAME Though… I’m SURE they told him He HAD TO ACT The WAY HE DOES in order to get back in Their GOOD GRACES Though #SMDH

  • This is my opinion, agree or disagree; if you never played the sport, you don’t deserve to talk about it!

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