Chris Bosh Baby Mama Wants More Child Support Money

Chris Bosh and Allison Mathis

Although Chris Bosh is relevantly soft-spoken, the Miami Heat forward has become more vocal as the NBA Finals wind down. Before the beginning of Game 6 according to Gossip Extra, Bosh decided it was the perfect time to confess his love for the Heat organization while proclaiming he is there to say until the end.

“I’m in Miami for the rest of my career. I plan to be there. I plan to retire there. I plan to win hopefully a lot more championships there. So that’s where home is.”

Besides the fact it’s uncertain if Miami wants to keep Bosh for the remainder of his career, there are a few flaws with Bosh proclaiming that Miami is his home.

The mother of Bosh’s daughter Allison Mathis took Bosh to court in August seeking a higher amount of child support. Florida may have nice palm trees and tropical weather along with no state taxes, but Texas is the place to be if you have money and want to retain it. Which is why back in August, Bosh insisted he was a Texas native and resident when asked about his residency by a Orlando judge in connection to the child support case. Bosh was able to convince Orlando judge  Robert Evans he was resident of Texas, therefore resulting in Bosh only paying $2,600 a month in child support versus $30,000 a month in Florida.

Bosh will now have to defend himself from his own words now that the case is in appeals courts.

“Chris Bosh’s testimony in court about his being a Florida resident is exactly opposite of what he recently told the media,” said attorney Jane Carey. “He now says he intends to retire here after playing for the Heat.

“You can’t be a resident of Texas and retire in Florida.

“Chris Bosh fooled the trial judge, but we believe that the Appellate Court will reverse the lower court decision.”

Bosh’s lawyers were able to draw up a good concoction to avoid paying the higher child support rate initially. By claiming he resides in a $73,000 home in Texas opposed to the $12 million dollar mansion he shares with his wife Adrienne may have worked for a while, but not for long if his ex Allison can help it.

However, Bosh has a few experts on his team who can help him deal with this situation. Baby mama’s and court proceedings are becoming a popular trend with the Heat. I wouldn’t be surprise if his next move would be full custody.

2 thoughts on “Chris Bosh Baby Mama Wants More Child Support Money

  • Bosh is such a douche bag I agree 30,000 a month is too much but 2,600 a month is not enough. His baby mama might be being greedy and vindictive but he chose her and regardless she has your child. I say about 5,000-10,000 a month is very reasonable for someone who has a net worth of 50 million. While he being an asshole she might go to court and get more.

  • Re: Tasha Nicole.

    You’re classless. These piece clearly dissolved as you wrote it, and even took a nice jab at Dwyane Wade in the process. The only substance in here, is that he pays 2,600 child support, and wants to be in Miami for the remainder of his Basketball career. If he wife was smart, and maybe had you as a lawyer, she would settle for 8,000 a month. Noah’s career has given her a ton, and she’s given him a child. That’s it. No one owes anyone anything, she can get a job. If she’s seeking 30,000 she clearly is head hunting much like you we’re when you wrote this article.

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