Chris Bosh Fighting his Ex for Primary Custody of Daughter



According to a story via TMZ, Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh, has been involved in acrimonious legal fight with his ex Allison Mathis, in order to gain primary custody of their 4-year-old daughter.

Bosh has filed legal docs asking a judge to strip his ex, Allison Mathis, of primary physical custody of Trinity.

Bosh claims Mathis has been trying to alienate the kid from him … blocking contact, refusing to let them travel together, and poisoning their daughter against him.

Bosh wants primary physical custody, but says he’s more than willing to give Mathis her fair share of mother-daughter time in the form of visitation.

Mathis has fired back in her own legal docs, saying his complaints are BS.

Bosh and Mathis have been going at it in court ever since they broke up for various reasons, so it’s not shocking that it has come to this.

2 thoughts on “Chris Bosh Fighting his Ex for Primary Custody of Daughter

  • Why I get the feeling he is being vindictive because she wants more child support. He needs to increase the child support and she needs to stop being bitter and allow him to see his daughter.

    • Why does he need to increase child support. She wants more child support not for the child but to support her lifestyle. All these kids are to these women are chips in a game of cards to bargain for money. They think that these guys are supposed to support their lifestyle along with the child. Bosh pays for all the girls medical, dental, educational, and extra curricular activities as well he has set up a trust fund for her. So tell me again why does he need to increase child support?

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