Chris Long: It’s Been 528 Days Since 49ers Beat The Rams


St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long hopped head first into a beef between former Rams safety Craig Dahl and current Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan.

Long was coming to the aid of Finnegan who was catching some heat from 49ers fans.  Long having had enough, went for the jugular of 49ers fans, rubbing salt in the wound, and letting them know the San Francisco 49ers haven’t beaten the Rams in 528 long days.

chris-long-rips-49ers-fans chris-long-rips-49ers-fans2


When the teams meet up in week four of the regular season,  it will have been 634 days since the Rams lost to the 49ers. Suffice to say the 49ers will be locked and loaded for that contest.