Darnell Dockett Says He Loves Inflicting “Physical, Bodily Harm”


Even though the NFL is a physical, and violent league, the brass and execs don’t necessarily want their players harping and making light of the physicality.

Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett is a different breed, and probably didn’t get the message.  Dockett who unveiled the scariest face mask in history the other day, took to Twitter Friday morning to let everyone know why he loves the game we call football.


Dockett’s comments are absolutely true, but in the moral scope of today’s NFL, his feel are acceptable, but his comments may not be.


One thought on “Darnell Dockett Says He Loves Inflicting “Physical, Bodily Harm”

  • It’s so hypocritical that Roger Goodell honored and praised Deacon Jones when he passed, but he doesn’t want NFL players to play like him!

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