David West Sick, But Plans To Play In Game 6

West, Luck



Game 6 is tonight and the Pacers are gearing up to stop an elimination, but one their more vocal players, David West, is feeling a little bit under the weather.

Missing his teams shoot around this afternoon, Indiana’s Pacers David West is suffering from an upper respiratory infection. Despite the sickness, the Pacers are expecting West to play tonight.

Pacers, Luck


West has been averaging 18.2 pts, 8.4 rebounds and have been playing 39.6 minutes per game. The Pacers stayed in Miami Thursday night and flew back home to Indiana on Friday to proceed with practice to keep the team as healthy as possible. With West not feeling a complete 100% the Pacers still have an advantage, Birdman is suspended due to his cheap shot at Hansbrough but even Wade isnt 100%. Lebron has been dubbed to be playing like he’s back in Cleveland, ¬†like Robert said, if thats going to be the case the Heat wont win this series.