DeSean Jackson Fires Agent Drew Rosenhaus

Drew Rosenhaus

No word on what caused the firing, but what we do know is that when Jackson was broke he borrowed a lot of money from Rosenhaus.

Eventually Rosenhaus was able to get DeSean Jackson a contract extension with the Eagles, but there were whispers Jackson wasn’t happy with the deal.

Whatever the case DeSean needs a new agent now.

One thing to remember is that Jackson has a rap label that he heavily promotes, does that mean Roc Nation Sports maybe in his future?  Only time will time.  He has to wait a mandatory five days before hiring a new agent.

3 thoughts on “DeSean Jackson Fires Agent Drew Rosenhaus

  • All professional athletes must remember one thing. The agent works for you, you do not work for the agent. If your agent can’t get you a deal that you like, fire him! It’s that simple.

  • Puff Daddy selling his NY condo and his NJ house, Jermaine Dupri about to lose his rap label, Fat Joe has tax problems, Damon Dash broke, why is DeSean Jackson wasting his time with rap. This guy went to Cal so I know he is not stupid. Nobody listens to rap; that ignorant music is played out. There is no money in rap, most rappers are broke! Mr. Jackson needs to work on becoming the best receiver in the league and leave rap music alone.

  • Going broke WHILE playing and making millions! Wow, DeSean is doing his best to top all the idiots that came before. And yeah, I bet that rap label is going to be a real winner and make a lot of money. Very smart investment guy.

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